How to Change Door Lock Collars

You have to keep regular inspections on your door locks just to make sure that they’re working properly. If you notice any wear and tear in your door locks then obviously you should get an immediate replacement of the worn-out door locks. If your door lock is broken then you should get a new one. You must be wondering how to find the right door lock that will work perfectly for you. Here are a few tips to help you out.

The first thing you should do is to remove all of the old locks from the lock mechanism. It’s also important to check it whether there is any damage to it. You can change locks by either unscrewing them or simply pulling them out. After that, you should replace all the parts and components like handles, springs, cables and many others according to your requirement. Then, you should reinstall the door lock mechanism.

Experts recommend that you should change door locks only after the existing ones are completely broken or damaged. You must remember that old door locks provide maximum protection against burglars. They help in ensuring that intruders can’t enter inside your house. Therefore, you should install new door locks as soon as possible to give maximum protection against burglary. If you live in an area which experiences heavy rains or snowfall, then you should consider installing door locks with bars inside the house to secure your car, truck and other such valuable items.

Experts recommend that you change door lock cylinders after every two years because old door locks tend to break easily when hit with a hammer. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance security at home or at office premises. When it comes to the price, you should be careful about the brands and models because they vary in quality and price. In fact, some branded locks are more expensive than others because they have more features and benefits.

Apart from using locks, you should also install quality door knob to enhance security. A good quality door knob is designed to withstand lots of repeated strikes. The manufacturers often add a special steel pin strike plate on the door knob after manufacturing. They also include a special rubber washer which enables a strike plate to be stuck to the door knob even when there is lots of friction. You can select from a variety of styles including modern, decorative, classic and Victorian style.

Experts recommend that you change locks regularly to increase the level of security at home and at workplace. A good set of locks is the best way to ensure maximum security at home because these locks serve as an effective barrier against forced entry. Therefore, you should make it a habit to change locks regularly.

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