The Role of a Master Electrician in Theatre

In theatre, a master electrician is involved in implementing the design concept of the lights designed for a particular production drawn up by the theatre lighting designer. This involves supervising the installation, connecting, hanging and focusing of different stage lighting fixtures.

Master electricians also oversee the installation of the marquee lighting system as well as the lighting for the main entrance and exits of the theatre. Master electricians have to be highly skilled and experienced in the field of lighting technology to be able to perform their role. In case of an emergency or malfunction, it is very difficult to control the situation with the help of the assistance of the theatre lighting system installed at the theatres.

Master electricians also carry out the task of installing the stage lighting and the special effects at the theatre. The stage lighting can be used for lighting special effects like fog, strobe and fire. The special effects can also be done with the help of the spotlight lighting system installed at the theatre.

Master electricians also monitor and check the operation of the power supply and the sound system. They are required to take a lot of care while working in the theatre. As the master electrician performs a lot of responsibilities, he also needs to possess very good communication skills in order to provide the best services to the theatre owners and other stakeholders. The master electrician also has to be physically fit and healthy so that he can perform his duties with the utmost confidence and efficiency.

As a professional electrician, he also has to be knowledgeable about the different kinds of lighting fixtures that are available in the market today. He needs to know about different types of lighting systems that are used in different theatres. He needs to be well aware of the different electrical components that are used in the stage lighting systems. Master electricians also need to know about the latest technological advancements in the lighting world in order to ensure that they are able to handle and install the latest lighting systems for the theatre.

A professional electrician also has to be certified by the Electrician’s Board of Certification. This certification will give him the confidence that he is working in a highly regulated and skilled industry. This certification is given by the National Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters (NAPST). The certification also ensures that the electrician has taken the necessary steps to enhance the standards of his profession by gaining a higher level of expertise.

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